ea apparel creates new concept – Wellness Apparel

With the inception of ea apparel came a different breed of clothing. ea’s distinct spirit nurtures a sense of authentic freedom and raw comfort fused with an ease of consciousness. This organic balance of appreciation for oneself and for your surroundings has coined a new fashion genre: Wellness Apparel. Today’s forward thinking woman seeks a wardrobe that is both versatile and ecologically responsible while meeting the demands of a busy life. Whether en route to a business meeting, a cocktail party or a pilates session, it’s equally important to feel good and look good. ea apparel does just that. Our steadfast philosophy of “Everywhere-Anywhere” means the collection delivers premium clothing that will carry you through every stage of your day, with an unmistakable sensation of exuberance and well-being. Our evergreen “season- free” approach to clothing means maintaining an eco-integrity. ea apparel produces only one collection a year, using locally sourced sustainable modal, which assists in diminishing the seasonal “throw away” mentality of garments that permeates our society. The exceptional craftsmanship coupled with earth friendly designs prove that ea apparel is committed to both style and sustainability. Additionally, ea’s aesthetic of easy wearing, chic separates lends itself to ideal wearability for travel and resort escapades. This new category of clothing embraces a new age of living: Wellness Apparel is intended to energize and inspire a life well lived.