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TataLiz Ratcliff

Liz Ratcliff is a seriously fab wellness inspiration who has been fully immersed in the art of wellbeing for over a decade! The celebrated spa queen designed the spa concepts for The Tides and Viceroy brands, and has developed award wining international yoga retreats! How much do we love that?

As if Liz couldn’t be more fabulous she created the wellness–aware, style–conscious clothing line EA Apparel! You have to check out this line- it’s amazing! EA uses Lenzing Modal® fabric which is insanely soft and completely natural- it’s made from beech wood, all organic fibers literally made right here in LA. Think the chicest clothing possible- yet comfortable?! We want it all!

We caught up with Liz this past weekend at one of our events in Los Angeles. She is so amazing, a heart of gold, smart and beautiful – we are literally obsessed with her and her gorgeous line. Thank you Liz, for everything you contributed to the world of natural living, beauty and wellness!