ea apparel press release

A balance of glamour and comfort — ea apparel launches in los angeles season-free clothing for skin and soul

LOS ANGELES, CA (January 2010) Practical glamour is the bottom line behind ea apparel, a new season-free clothing line for women. Designed to be worn Everywhere Anywhere, ea bridges the divide between comfort and elegance with a uniquely modern spirit.

A sharply focused collection of versatile, sophisticated separates, the brand speaks to all women who crave comfort without compromising style. Each of the Seven styles that make up the debut line is designed to become an indispensable wardrobe essential – coveted and reliable when you want to be certain to look and feel good day or night – whether at a fivestar resort, in town or at home. These are clothes for living.

The energy behind the brand belongs to Liz Ratcliff, ea´s founder. A longtime spa industry executive, Ratcliff created the line to meet her own needs and those of other likeminded urban women who demand high style and prefer it come with high comfort. ea aligns with the mindset of the spa lifestyle, a wellness aware way of living that seeks balance and individuality.

“I want women to feel their own beauty when they wear these clothes. Looking good is as much about being at ease in your own skin as it is about feeling good in what you´re wearing,” says Ratcliff. “ea disappears when you put it on. It´s so light you can feel naked – not in the way that makes you feel vulnerable but in the sense of just being yourself, knowing you look great. It makes sexy easy.” The whole collection fits in a carry–on and has enough variety and attitude to take a woman from downtown yoga to penthouse cocktails.
ea´s spa–inspired roots are felt not only in its relaxed luxury but also in the thoughtful choice of textures and appreciation for skin and body. The core fabric is a supple, bamboo, ethereal jersey. The construction techniques were selected to completely eliminate any rough edges. Even the care label invites the garment´s owner to “Please remove me.” And the cut of each piece is a non–restricting celebration of the body – just revealing enough to be alluring. “I wanted to create a wardrobe for my life &ndash and for my friends,” says Ratcliff. “These are pieces we can reach for and depend on for being comfortable and sexy without ever being too obvious about either emotion.”

Leveraging its unique status and appeal to a wellness lifestyle, ea apparel is being sold in the country´s most prestigious spa and resort boutiques. The line is being launched exclusively in The Spa at Four Seasons Westlake Village and will soon be available to a select group of luxury spas and resorts. In addition, ea may also be found online at its own website, www.eaapparel.com. Prices for the collection range from $50–$220.

The lightweight jerseys used for Collection 01, the first in ea´s season-free portfolio, drape, seduce and envelop the body in a variety of cuts that hide, reveal and layer to suit your personality and style. The 7– piece line is sold in a stress–free, minimalist palette of black, white and heather gray. In addition to the line´s core separates, Collection 01 also introduces signature accessories, including a versatile scarf–hood hybrid that effortlessly provides a dramatic flourish. Suggested retail prices for the debut collection range from $50 – $220.
Crafted in Los Angeles with techniques and textiles more often used for highperformance clothing, ea aligns ease of wear with personal expression. ea enhances a woman´s most important senses – her sense of self, body, style and being one with the world. ea apparel – Live In It.

About ea apparel

ea apparel is a Los Angeles–based clothing company created to provide a woman with chic wardrobe essentials that feel and look amazing – Everywhere Anywhere. Launched by spa executive Liz Ratcliff and Grant Ponder, a financial analyst and hospitality veteran, the seasonfree line debuted at retail in January 2011. Sold in prestige spas and resorts across the U.S. as well as in hand–selected specialty stores, the line is also available directly from its own website, www.eaapparel.com.

For more information, please visit ea apparel online or contact info@eaapparel.com.